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Garbanzo Beans

Rancho Gordo Garbanzo Beans

Rancho Gordo

Garbanzo Beans

Crafted By: Steve Sando

Napa, CA

While garbanzos aren't a true "new world" bean, the Rancho Gordo team loved them so much that they decided to introduce them as a new crop in California. One of the oldest cultivated vegetables with 7,500 year-old remains found in the middle east these heirloom beans provide a good source of protein that can be enjoyed year-round. 

With a delicious nut-like taste and buttery texture they're the perfect addition to Mediterranean and African fare. We love blending them into a powder and making panisse - a fried, chickpea flour cake from Southern France; in a warmed salad with barley and ricotta salata; or in a stew with pan-roasted chicken with harissa.


About Rancho Gordo

Frustrated by an absence of local 'New World' ingredients, Sando began by cultivating a farm of unique tomato varieties which soon led to a passion in growing and preserving heirloom beans - an effort to reintroduce the natural flavors of the Americas to those who are passionate about cooking. Steve is dedicated to supporting Northern California agriculture with an expanding collective of four growers and has started developing and substantial seed bank accumulating rare and odd beans from across the world - many of which flourish in the region's rich soil.

One of the greatest aspects behind Rancho Gordo are the versatility of their products - the beans work in almost every cuisine, are full-flavored, and loaded with nutrients. While many are rooted in Central and South America their identity can be found in dishes throughout Europe and Asia. The FareTrade is excited to be working with Rncho Gordo to provide our members a bounty of accessible recipes, flavors, and to supprt a progressive purveyor helping to further their community agriculture. 

Find Rancho Gordo's Garbanzo Beans in the box from Chef Nyesha Arrington!