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Bavarian Style Sweet + Spicy Mustard

Bavarian Style Sweet + Spicy Mustard

Schaller & Weber

Bavarian Style Sweet + Spicy Mustard

Crafted By: Jeremy Schaller

Astoria, NY

Schaller & Weber coined the term "A Tradition Of Quality" and since opening in 1937 have consistently produced amazing charcuterie and sausages. When their offerings expanded to include condiments, this sentiment was upheld. Each product is prepared by the same exacting methods their founders mastered nearly a century ago.

Brown, coarse and sweet - the flavor of this Bavarian- style mustard recalls sweet applewood and is perfect for charred and grilled ingredients. We love adding the mustard to chicken wings for a Sunday group gathering; in a compound butter for grilled corn or shrimp; and of course a top any light sausage such as Kielbasa or Bockwurst

About Schaller & Weber

The Schaller & Weber story began in 1918 when Ferdinand Schaller was an apprentice butcher and sausage maker in Stuttgart, Germany. By the time he arrived in New York in 1927, he was a master charcuterier. A decade later he met Tony Weber and the soon opened a storefront in Manhattan. It wasn't long before their delicacies were enjoyed by afficionados throughout New York and across the United States. Almost a century after opening its doors, Schaller & Weber is still a family-run business. And still dedicated to producing the same premium products, something increasingly rare in this world - a tradition of taste.

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