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A Memorial Day Fare

What better way to celebrate remembrance than with good friends and great food. So commemorate America with recipes developed around American-made artisan ingredients. Featuring products curated by Chef Brittanny Anderson, we've put a twist on the classics to take your Memorial day BBQ to the next level! 

Check out the recipes below + grab the ingredients you need to make them happen in The Box from Chef Anderson. 

Throw a Memorial Day to remember!

Hickory Ketchup | Hot Dogs | Caramelized Leeks

What screams "America" more than hot dogs and ketchup? We've upped the ante on this American classic by crafting a smoky + sweet ketchup, infused with Falling Bark Farm's Original Hickory Syrup. All topped with caramelized leeks.

Artisan Ingredient Used: Falling Bark Farm Original Hickory Syrup

Yellow Eye Bean + Swiss Chard Panzanella

A refreshing salad perfect to cut through the rich flavors found in some of these other dishes. A chili infused oil makes the base for the dressing, adding a slight kick to complement the radishes and earthy flavors of the Yellow Eye Beans.

Artisan Ingredient Used: Rancho Gordo Yellow Eye Beans

New American Old Fashioned

Great as an all-day sipper (pace yourself!), our New American Old Fashioned incorporates Falling Bark Farm's Hickory Syrup into the mix for a slightly smoky flavoring, elevating this classic American cocktail.

Artisan Ingredient Used: Falling Bark Farm Original Hickory Syrup

All-American Potato Salad

Fresh made green-garlic aioli and a touch of Schaller & Weber's Bavarian Style Sweet & Spicy Mustard makes this classic potato salad.

Artisan Ingredient Used: Schaller & Weber Bavarian Style Sweet & Spicy Mustard

Carmelized Shrimp | Outer Banks SeaSalt

Borrowing a recipe from Outer Banks SeaSalt themselves, these hard-seared shrimp make the perfect peel-and-eat treat. The intoxicating smell will make these a crowd favorite. Try and find head-on shrimp for an even more flavorful snack.

Artisan Ingredient Used: Outer Banks SeaSalt

Campfire Coffee Popsicles

As summer winds up - along with the temperatures - popsicles are the perfect cool down. With the infusion of coffee, these popsicles will help you keep the party going after a few too many New American Old Fashioneds! 

Artisan Ingredient Used: Blacktop Coffee Co. Campfire Blend

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