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Tostada | Tuna | Blood Orange | Olive Oil

Tostada | Tuna | Blood Orange | Olive Oil


For the Chile Oil
2-3 Ounces, Dried Chilies
6 Ounces, Temecula Olive Oil Company Citrus Olive Oil
1 Teaspoon, Salt  

For the Tostada
4 Tostadas
2 Ounces, Aioli
1 Pound,  Fresh Ahi Tuna, Sushi Grade, Yellowtail is a great alternative as well!
2 Blood Oranges, Segmented
1 Bunch, Cilantro, Cleaned and Leaves Pickled
Flake Sea Salt, To Taste (We reccomend Outer Banks SeaSalt)



For the Chile Oil  

  1. Take your favorite dried chilies (Chef Ruiz likes using tepin, pequin, moritas, guajillos) place in a motor pestle and ground until fine.
  2. Place in a small bowl with Temecula Olive Oil Company Citrus Olive Oil and salt. Set aside for tostada.
  3. Note: this chile oil will last several months refrigerated in a mason jar. 

For the Tostada  

  1. Take tostada and smear a healthy helping of aioli, top with raw sliced ahi or yellowtail.
  2. Season fish with a few pinches of flake sea salt.
  3. Top with table spoon or two of chili oil, blood orange segments and cilantro.