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Red Dried Chilaca Mole Sauce

Bunches & Bunches Provisions | Red Dried Chilaca Mole Sauce

Bunches & Bunches Provisions

Red Dried Chilaca Mole Sauce

Crafted By: Pai + Mark Roth-McCormick

Portland, OR

As with all of Bunches & Bunches goods and treats, love is the most precious ingredient. Every batch is crafted to have the perfect combination of flavor, spice and heat - made with hand roasted dried chilaca chiles. Inspired by the vast and bright flavors of real Mexican cuisine, the sauce has a blend of chiles, tomatoes, onions, garlic, pumpkin seeds, almonds, raisins, chocolate and spices simmered for hours before being  finished with lime and cilantro. 

Our band of culinary adventurers can't get enough of this stuff! We're slathering our eggs in the morning, making enchiladas for lunch and topping grilled pork loin with this spread for dinner. It's the type of condiment that will inspire your cooking and make you excited to get in the kitchen - something we're all about!

About Bunches & Bunches Provisions

Raised on an organic farm in the Pacific Northwest where the long growing season, the gardens and beautiful setting act as her inspiration, Pai has been producing her selection of amazing provisions since 2010. A classically trained chef who has worked under many of San Francisco's finest chefs including Traci Des Jardin and Douglas Keane, McCormick challenged herself to leave the restaurant world behind and create something personal, where the secret to living well is to sprinkle love into everything.

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