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Smoked Ghost Chili Salt

Jacobsen Sea Salt | Jacobsen Sea Salt

Smoked Ghost Chili Pepper Salt

Jacobsen Sea Co.

Crafted By: Ben Jacobsen

Tillamook, OR

This mysteriously smoky, flavorful finishing salt packs heat, but only enough to spice things up, and not enough to kill your palate. Created by smoking half of the ground and dried ghost chilies for a uniquely earthy profile, and leaving the other half unsmoked results in a fruity and fiery seasoning. We love it on simple preparations like avocado toast with radishes and micro greens, eggs benedict and even vanilla ice cream, or added to more complex offerings such as in lamb vindaloo, bernaise sauce, and along the rim of a glass for a mezcal paloma.

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About Jacobsen Sea Salt

Hand-harvested from only a small selection of beaches along the Oregon coastline, Jacobsen Salt Co. is dedicated to rekindling the art of salt harvesting in America and providing a blossoming industry to their hometown. Ben learned to appreciate finishing salts while living in Norway and Copenhagen, and after a three-year experimentation period launched Jacobsen Salt Co. 

The team recently moved into a production space of over 2,000 square feet and still have to work around the clock to keep up to pace with the demand of many of the nation's leading chefs. The goal of Jacobsen Salt Co. is to create more jobs on the Oregon coast, streamline production to a more localized space and meet the demands of his product. And hopefully one day catch up on sleep!

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