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September, 2014 | Chef Jeff Mahin


The Craveable Life Volume VII

September, 2014, Jeff Mahin

As we begin the transition from Summer to Fall, September's Featured Chef Jeff Mahin curates a basket that is at once a fusion between the two seasons + an exploration of his Italian roots.  As one of the culinary industries youngest + most accomplished chefs, Chef Mahin has already built a culinary empire by age 30, from his flagship Stella Barra (now with three locations) toDo-Rite + M Street Kitchen.

Join Chef Mahin + The FareTrade on our latest Culinary Adventure as we welcome Fall with a new set of outstanding American-Made products and step-by-step recipe tutorials to take your kitchen craft to the next level.


Chef Megan + Colby's August Basket Menu

Peach + Nectarine Salad | Fresh Ricotta + Smoked Almonds

Prosciutto + Fig Sandwich | Truffled Bur-Mayo + Taleggio Cheese

Chilaquiles Deviled Eggs | Mustard + Co. Classic Mustard Sauce

Pizza Dough | Roasted Tomato + Olive Oil Pizza

Salted Butterscotch Budino | Jacobsen Sea Salt

Featured Small-Batch Ingredients


Empire Mayonnaise | White Truffle

Brooklyn, NY

Artisans: Sam Mason + Elizabeth Valleau

After a disappointing fish dinner was saved only by the lime mayonnaise that accompanied it, Sam and Elizabeth decided there was a business to be build focused on creating exquisite and unique flavors of the staple condiment. Launched in late 2011, the chef and creative director-led team produces 25 varieties of mayonnaise ranging from Lemon Extra Virgin Olive Oil to Vadouvan and Lime Pickle.

Using only non-GMO oils, happy cage-free and pasture raised eggs coupled with local/seasonal flavors had lead Empire Mayonnaise to be proclaimed the "first artisanal mayonnaise company". Recently the team has begun experimenting with other fowl eggs such as Ostrich, Emu, Duck and Quail and are eagerly expanding thier brand with a storefront that offers small bites alongside the ever-rotating selection of spreads available.


Blood Orange Olive Oil + Sun Dried Tomato Balsamic Vinegar

Bozeman, MT

Artisans: Michelle Schaeffer + Brie Thompson

Olivelle is a family-owned and operated gourmet store with an European touch, specializing in on-tap single-estate olive oils and barrel-matured vinegars crafted in-house and featuring a wide variety of flavor combinations, often at the suggestion of customers themselves.

Ideal for the at-home chef looking to invigorate their food with a unique combination of ingredients, their products transcend different cuisines adding heightened flavors to every dish they are utilized in.


Mustard + Co. | Classic

Seattle, WA

Artisans: Justin Hoffman + Bryan Mitchiner

Mustard and Co. launched in 2013 on the basis that food is best enjoyed in the company of bold condiments. After months in the kitchen tweaking their original recipe, the team began providing high-quality, minimally processed mustard to the masses. The condiment world would never be the same.

Mustard and Co. emphasizes quality local ingredients, and traditional techniques that preserve the mustard seed's inherent, horseradish-leaning spiciness. This guarantees raw, organic, real mustard flavor with each pour, keeping your food in good company.


Jacobsen Salt Co. | Oregon Flake Salt

Tillamook, OR

Artisan: Ben Jacobsen

Hand-harvested from only a small selection of beaches along the Oregon coastline, Jacobsen Salt Co. is dedicated to rekindling the art of salt harvesting in America and providing a blossoming industry to their hometown. Ben learned to appreciate finishing salts while living in Norway and Copenhagen, and after a three-year experimentation period launched Jacobsen Salt Co.

The team recently moved into a production space of over 2,000 square feet and still have to work around the clock to keep up to pace with the demand of many of the nation's leading chefs. The goal of Jacobsen Salt Co. is to create more jobs on the Oregon coast, streamline production to a more localized space and meet the demands of his product. And hopefully one day catch up on sleep!


Grist + Toll | Sonora Wheat Flour

Pasadena, CA

Artisans: Nan Kohler + Marti Noxon

Grist & Toll are not traditional flour millers. Bakers by trade, they quickly became obsessed with their primary ingredient - four. It has become their mission to source the best and most delicious grain, mill it in a purist's manner on an authentic Austrian stone mill, and get it in your hands as fresh as possible.

Sharing the same heart, soul, and devotion to their craft as the amazing farmers who grow for the company, and the same passion and determination as the bakers and chefs who inspire Grist & Toll with their creativity and skill is what separates the company from its competition.


le Bon Garcon | Salty Milk Caramels

Los Angeles, CA

Artisan: Justin Chao

Following his childhood passion after watching his mother prepare Chinese-American cuisine, Justin learned how to use the ingredients available to him to create delectible dishes, giving him the creative instince that makes him a successful patissier.  After taking pastry classes during his year abroad in Paris while studying at UC Berkeley, Justin realized his passion for pastry and enrolled in the Bellouet Conseil in Paris.  After moving back to Los Angeles, Just took up work at Water Grill in Downtown, Justin started le Bon Garcon using only the best quality ingredients available with no preservatives.

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