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The Chili Lab | Piri Piri Chili Salt

The Chili Lab | Piri Piri Salt | Handcrafted Ingredient

Piri Piri Chili Salt

Crafted By: Thomas Kelly

Brooklyn, NY

Go beyond hot sauce with this chili infused salt. Made exclusively with crunchy sea salt and dehydrated peppers, it adds a kick with only a sprinkle and is the ideal accompaniment to cooking and cocktails. 

Piri Piri is known as the African bird's eye chili and associated with its wild growth throughout the continent. In those regions it is often used in a marinade for chicken and game hens, but is a perfect flavor added to coconut curries, BBQ shrimp or atop carrots and other root vegetables. Rim a cocktail glass for a Michelada or add a dash for a spicy tropical punch.

The Chili Lab

At the Chili Lab, they like playing with their food. Believing that through play and experimentation great dishes can be made, after years of playing with chili peppers, the team have realized that like wine or coffee beans, these peppers are incredibly diverse and nuanced in their flavors. Dried guajillo chilies from Mexico, for instance, are deep and earthy; the piri piri chili from Africa is more herbal and marked with citrus. The Chili Lab creates content and products which explore these varied flavors. Of course their team loves that chili bite, but at the end of the day what they are most interested in is how these great peppers can easily invigorate cooking at home. 

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