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Kate Green

Kate Green may be famed chef Nancy Silverton's right hand but she's a culinary powerhouse in her own right. Her day-to-day includes overseeing VIP reservations, managing off-site events and planning social media for the Mozza Restaurant Group while at night she's a constant fixture on LA's dining scene - attending new restaurant openings, mingling with chefs and creating wakes with her radiant and infectious personality. We're privileged to call Kate a close friend and recently sat down with her to chat about her favorite seasonal ingredients, dining at the bar, and the best advice she's received from chef Mario Batali.

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Caryl Chinn

Caryl Chinn is a true culinary powerhouse. Having worked as Senior Special Events Director for Bon Appetit, Executive Director for Los Angeles Food & Wine and helping to establish Food Network's New York City Wine & Food Festival she has rubbed elbows with most of the globe's applauded chefs, building a reputation as one of the most intelligent and influential personalities in our industry.

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Claire Thomas

Claire Thomas is a photographer, writer, and host - a true culinary triple threat! A self-taught chef with an incurable curiosity about food has encouraged her to taste, create, and study everything epicurean. As the founder of The Kitchy Kitchen - a respected food blog-turned-cookbook - she provides readers with exciting and inspiring takes on classic dishes and as the Host of ABC's "Food For Thought" she opens viewers' eyes to how everyday life can inspire breathtaking culinary creations.  We quizzed Claire on her favorite seasonal treats, dream dinner guest and more as our latest Guest Editor.

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Talmadge Lowe

Talmadge Lowe - self-proclaimed "drinkist" - has been hand-crafting, reformulating + redefining cocktails from Los Angeles to New York for the past 15 years.  As the founder of Pharmacie, Talmadge helped to usher in the age of the bespoke cocktail - elevating drinks from the mundane to the magnificent.  As Benjamin Franklin said it best, "There cannot be good living where there is not good drinking".

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Garrett Leight

This week we're excited to sit down with lauded optics designer and hometown food fan, Garrett Leight. Garret, who launched his namesake eyewear line in 2010 has grown a legion of fans drawn to his sleek shades that include chefs, celebrities, and of course the team at The FareTrade while embracing the laid-back lifestyle of Venice, CA. Check out the Garrett Leight California Optical brand and read on to discover more about his inspiration and surprise passion for the culinary world.

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Guest Editor | Natalie James

A true Epicurean Adventurer, Natalie is an LA local, cataloging the best places to grab a bite both at home + abroad.  From Mexico to Puerto Rico to back state-side, Natalie's photos speak for themselves. Read on as Natalie dishes on some of her favorite haunts, travel locations + shares some food photography tips.  All photos courtesy of Natalie.

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Kimberley Hasselbrink

We are delighted to bring you our latest Guest Editor: Kimberley Hasselbrink!  As lover's of all things food + food photography, we at The FareTrade have become enamored with Kimberley's work.  From her beautifully composed shots (keep reading to see what we're talking about) to the subject matter of both her photography, as well as her brilliant new cookbook, Vibrant Food!.

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Guest Editor | Lauren Felts

A self-proclaimed "nutrition nerd", Lauren has embarked on a quest to find "The Holy Kale" of the health + wellness world.  Through her website, The Holy Kale & as the Food + Fitness editor over at one of our favorite publications, The Chalkboard Mag, Lauren expounds on the best way to "feed your mind, body and soul to obtain ultimate health!".

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