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Adrianna Adarme

Adrianna Adarme

We are honored for the opportunity to chat with Adrianna Adarme - mastermind behind the inspiring blog that constantly has our mouth watering A Cozy Kitchen - as our latest Guest Editor!  With the set release of her second cookbook this fall (The Year of Cozy!), Adrianna looks to make a more personal connection with home cooks - we can't wait to get our hands on it!

What inspired you to start

I started A Cozy Kitchen because I was bored and uninspired at work. It wasn’t a terrible job but I think I was just an idealistic college graduate who wanted more than what she signed up for. Coincidentally my job was really slow at the time (it was just after 2008) so there was a lot of downtime and the vibe was of panic and fear so we all had to look busy; I did just that! I would scour blogs all day long and find recipes I would want to cook at night. It initially started as just an obsession but then I got that attitude like, why don’t I do this! 


You’re currently working on your second cookbook The Year Of Cozy! What can people expect to see in the book? What are you most excited about sharing?

I don’t want to give away too much but The Year of Cozy is definitely a huge extension from the blog. There will be crafts and recipes that are more project-based. I really love every single recipe in the book. I recently had to have a tester make all the recipes and each time I was like, Oh man, I looove this…still. It was a good feeling. I guess you could say I’m most excited about sharing a bit of a story with them that isn’t on the blog; it’s definitely more personal and honest. 


Blood Orange Scones | Photo Courtesy of A Cozy Kitchen

Blood Orange Scones | Photo Courtesy of A Cozy Kitchen

It’s February! What are some of your favorite seasonal ingredients and preparations?

February is a tough month, even in California. I feel like February is all about braising meats and eating a lot of winter citrus. 


What’s the most important thing to throw a perfect dinner party?

The most important thing to have when you throw a dinner party is a relaxed attitude. It freaks me out when I go to someone’s house and the host is like sweating and all red in the face. In order to throw a chill dinner party, asking for help and having good organization is key. People love to help so get them involved, don’t be afraid to tell people to bring someone when they ask and just remember that dinner doesn’t have to be ready when people arrive. 


What’s your favorite Peruvian recipe your mom taught you to make? 

I love Peruvian food so much and the older I get, the more I appreciate it. I’d say my favorite dish my mom made me growing up is Tallarines Verde. It’s like a Peruvian pesto with basil, spinach and queso blanco. A lot of Peruvian will add saltine crackers for texture—sort of strange but it’s kind of fun.  In restaurants they usually serve a gigantic portion of it with an overcooked steak on top, but my mom always made a normal portion and served it without the steak. 


It’s Happy Hour. What’s your drink of choice?

My go-to during happy hour is always an old-fashioned.


Do you have a favorite local artisanal treat?

I feel like these last few months have been extra crazy so I haven’t ventured out much to try things like I usually do but I absolutely love all of the baked goods Nicole Rucker makes at Gjusta Bakery in Venice. Her Instagram account is one of my favorites because I get to peek into her baking life and what she’s testing and creating. I also love Clark Street Bread, which they sell near my house at Cookbook in Echo Park. The smell is intoxicating.  


Chicken Pot Pie | Photo Courtesy of A Cozy Kitchen

Chicken Pot Pie | Photo Courtesy of A Cozy Kitchen

If you could choose one of February’s featured ingredients to cook with, what would you choose?

I love the name “Brassica and Brine” and who doesn’t love kraut, but for February I have to say the tomato jam. I’m craving flavors of summer, though not craving the temperatures. 


Midnight snack of choice?

Since I’m always baking and cooking, I often times have scragglier ingredients lying around so often times my midnight snack of choice is like a handful of chocolate chips or a piece of caramel. It’s usually always sweet! 


What ingredients do you think everyone will be eating in 2015? Are there any that you just wish would fade away?

In 2015 I think pickled and preserved things will still be really big. I don’t think we’re over them at all. In terms of what needs to go…umm…I dunno, I’m in a positive mood right now so I’m not being a hater. Ask me after a long day when I hate everything! 


Home Made Yogurt | Photo Courtesy of A Cozy Kitchen

Home Made Yogurt | Photo Courtesy of A Cozy Kitchen

What’s up next for you? Any exciting culinary travels or ventures to share?

Well, my book comes out in October of this year so prepping for that release will be fun. In spring I’m thinking of going on a food road-trip through the south. I was born in the south and went to college there so I really have a fondness for that part of the country. Driving from city to city, eating along the way, some fancy places, some not, sounds like such a good time to me. 

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