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Hickory Baked Chicken + Cracked Rice Bowl

Utilizing the smokey sweetness of Falling Bark Farm's Hickory Syrup as the marinade base for the chicken imparts a unique and complex flavor with just enough sugars to add a nice caramelization when baked. Coupled with Schaller & Weber's Bavarian Style Mustard to add a little tang + come chilis for spice, the left-over marinade makes for a perfect finishing sauce the the sautéed vegetables in this health-focused rice-bowl.

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Guest Editor | Lauren Felts

A self-proclaimed "nutrition nerd", Lauren has embarked on a quest to find "The Holy Kale" of the health + wellness world.  Through her website, The Holy Kale & as the Food + Fitness editor over at one of our favorite publications, The Chalkboard Mag, Lauren expounds on the best way to "feed your mind, body and soul to obtain ultimate health!".

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