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Claire Thomas

Claire Thomas is a photographer, writer, and host - a true culinary triple threat! A self-taught chef with an incurable curiosity about food has encouraged her to taste, create, and study everything epicurean. As the founder of The Kitchy Kitchen - a respected food blog-turned-cookbook - she provides readers with exciting and inspiring takes on classic dishes and as the Host of ABC's "Food For Thought" she opens viewers' eyes to how everyday life can inspire breathtaking culinary creations.  We quizzed Claire on her favorite seasonal treats, dream dinner guest and more as our latest Guest Editor.

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Michael + Marlene

Brother + sister duo Michael + Marlene join us both as this week's Meet A Local + one of November's Featured Artisans with their Seafarer Spice Blend.  Growing up in a cooking household, Michael + Marlene grew to love food from an early age.  Sticking with their passion for fresh + locally sourced products, they have slowly began creating a culinary empire under the Savour moniker: their catering company, Savour This Moment, a sauce line (Savour This Sauce), a new spice blend line (Savour This Kitchen) + an upcoming Soup & Sorbet line.

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