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Guest Editor | Frances Largeman Roth


Welcome Frances L. Roth - this weeks Guest Editor.  Frances, a health and wellness guru + registered dietitian, is author of the vibrant new cookbook, Eating in ColorBoasting family friendly recipes full of colorful ingredients, the recipes in Eating in Color are geared towards a healthy lifestyle and show you how integrate foods into your diet that can fight against disease, cancer, obesity and many other ailments.


What came first your love of food or passion for health and wellness?

First came my passion for health and nutrition. My mom grew up in the restaurant industry in Germany (her parents owned an inn) and was always trying to teach me how to cook and bake, but I wanted to be a veterinarian. By my senior year of high school, I was working at my town’s only health food store and by my sophomore year of college, I was the kitchen manager for the vegetarian co-op I lived in. By senior year I switched my major from Animal Science to Human Nutrition and have been food-obsessed ever since!



Share with us some of the thought process behind “Eating in Color”. What are the benefits people can expect from following along?

Eating a diet that’s loaded with colorful produce can reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke, diabetes, obesity and some cancers. Instead of preaching about eating more fruits and veggies, I wanted to entice people to eat more by making a fun, colorful cookbook. And it works for picky eaters—my daughter Willa was the inspiration.


It’s officially summer! What are some of your favorite seasonal ingredients and preparations?

Wow—I LOVE stone fruit—can’t get enough of it! I’m also a fan of fresh from the garden heirloom tomatoes with just a sprinkle of Maldon salt on top.


You’ve been featured on countless national TV shows – what’s your go-to snack in between segments? I like to keep something in my bag that won’t fill me up, but will hold me over until my next meal. Pure Ancient Grain bars are great because they’re only 160 calories and are made with quinoa and hemp seeds and they’re organic.


What’s one health-power food most people would be surprised to learn about?

Lamb! It’s nutrient-rich, most cuts are lean and it actually contains ALA omega-3 fatty acids. Plus, it’s awesome on the grill!


It’s Happy Hour. What’s your drink of choice? I like simple, straight forward drinks like a Kir Royale or a really well-made gin and tonic.


Do you have a favorite local artisanal treat? Mast Brothers chocolate bars are amazing. I’m a sucker for the Almond and Sea Salt bar. Of course the chocolate is delicious, but I’m also a big fan of their packaging.


What’s up next for you and your family? Any exciting culinary travels?

I wish I could say we were going to visit my friend Julie in Thailand, but with a newborn baby, that’s a bit much. We’ll be heading to Mohonk Mountain House in a few weeks and we’ll get to sample the local produce from the Hudson Valley, which is fabulous.




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