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Sweet'n'Tangy Mustard Seeds

Taste Elevated Sweet'n'Tangy Mustard Seeds

Taste Elevated

Sweet'n'Tangy Mustard Seeds

Crafted By: Lori + Benny Krieger

Castroville, TX

Mustard seeds get the flavor boost treatment with this "secret weapon" ingredient! Sweet and tangy, these little pearls are crafted with a blend of spices, sugar, and vinegar resulting in a robust and well-rounded condiment you'll find yourself using again and again.

While they're the perfect complement to hard cheese and cured meats like Soppressata, our team of culinary mavens suggest using them in some novel ways: add them to a slaw and adorn crispy fried fish tacos for a crunchy pop; throw some into a dressing with creme fraiche and herbs atop charred cabbage; or use them in a "secret sauce" for burgers that will keep your guests guessing.

About Taste Elevated

Taste Elevated began with a simple solution to an everyday problem for the Krieger family: too many figs! Deciding to make batches of Fig Chutney and share them with their friends and family, they quickly realized they had a hit on their hands. Today, Taste Elevated has expanded to offer pestos, spreads, compotes and mote. It's all built on a simple promise: use Taste Elevated and any dish you create will be taken to the next level of flavor.

Find Taste Elevated's Sweet'n'Tangy Mustard Seeds in The Box from Chef Richard DeShantz