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Grist & Toll Polenta

Grist & Toll Polenta


Grist & Toll

Crafted By: Nan Kohler + Marti Noxon

Pasadena, CA

Made with non-GMO corn, the Stone Milled Polenta from Grist + Toll produces a product that chefs far and wide have quickly adopted for it's texture, flavor, and ability to meld well with other ingredients both sweet and savory. 

Utilizing the technique shared by Chef Bruce Kalman we find the starch a great complement to mushrooms, rabbit ragu, or even a fried egg. Chill the polenta and re-fry with sage and other aromatics and top with fresh ricotta; grill and top with bruschetta; or make a cake with seasonal berries and fresh fruit.

About Grist & Toll

Grist & Toll is not your traditional flour mill. Bakers by trade, Nan + Marti quickly became obsessed with their primary ingredient - four. It has become their mission to source the best and most delicious grain, mill it in a purist's manner on an authentic Austrian stone mill, and get it in your hands as fresh as possible. 

Sharing the same heart, soul, and devotion to their craft as the amazing farmers who grow for the company, and the same passion and determination as the bakers and chefs who inspire Grist & Toll with their creativity and skill is what separates the company from its competition. 

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