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McClure's Spicy Pickles

McClure's Spicy Pickles

McClure's Spicy Pickle Spears

McClure's Pickles

Crafted By: The McClure Family

NYC + Detroit, MI

Made with a mix of cayenne and habanero peppers, these pickles have a fiery kick. Like all McClure's products, they have a layered, bold flavor and signature snap that makes them perfect alone or integrated into a multitude of dishes.

Chop them up and use them in a remoulade perfect for crab cakes or fish + chips; fry them and serve them with marcona almonds and a zesty creme fraiche dressing; or marinade chicken in the brine for the perfect southern summer staple.

About McClure's

Created using their great grandmother, Lala's recipe, Joe + Bob started McClure's in 2006 after years of making pickles in their tiny Michigan kithcen. Learning from their grandfather and parents they now continue the tradition with a bit more room. The pickles, relish, bloody mary mix and other McClure's products are produced in Detroit, Michigan while in Brooklyn, NY the team operates their marketing, sales, and management. Using as much local produce as possible when in season (and when it's not leveraging their relationships with famrs to know where produce is coming from) allows McClure's to ensure they are getting the best, freshest produce available. Every jar is hand-packed by one of their team members ensuring that their family recipe is always the same - bright, briny, snappy and perfect for the summer.