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Pickled Raisins


Boat Street Pickles

Pickled Raisins

Crafted By: Chef Renee Erickson

Seattle, WA

Large golden raisins cured in a sweet and tangy syrup of cider vinegar, mustard seed, thyme, arbol chile, and bay leaf result in a bright and tangy pickle that plays well with both savory and sweet preparations ideal for late summer.

Our team of culinary misfits love pairing these jewels with roasted pork fresh grilled sausages and even sea bass - adding a burst of unexpected fruitiness. The raisins are equally exciting added to side dishes - pair them with a couscous pilaf with mint and feta or elevate your slaw with pine nuts and take those dishes to places you never thought existed!

About Boat Street Pickles

For years now, acclaimed chef, Renee Erickson, has produced a variety of pickled fruits and vegetables as a way to preserve fresh, Northwest produce at the height of ripeness and flavor. This 'healthy compulsion' to pickle nearly everything soon became an integral part of what makes the Provencal-inspired cuisine of her namesake Boat Street Cafe so memorable. The pickles have, over time, become an essential element to the Boat Street pantry and are sought out by many of the cafe's patrons. 

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