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Meet A Local | Deboleena Dutta

The philosophy behing HerbNZest is "Simple Artisan Goodness". Believing that nature already delivers the best ingredients, the company is dedicated to producing simple sustainable quality that translates to good taste and artfully developed products. Their way of life is to craft simple food that is good for you, good for society, and good for the planet.

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Farmers Market Finds: Squash Blossoms

Sqaush blossoms, or flor de calabaza, are the flowering portion of a wide range of squashes and gourds know as Calabaza.  Adding a vibrancy and subtle squash flavor to any dish, our favorite ways to prepare them at The FareTrade are stuffed with home-made ricotta (Check out this easy recipe from The Kitchn) or in a quesadilla with cotija cheese, epazote + Willy B's Hot Sauce.

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