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Chef Steven Fretz + Mixologist Devon Espinosa

Steven Fretz + Devin Espinosa | The Church Key

Executive Chef & Bar Manager, The Church Key, Los Angeles, CA

Semi-Finalist, BRAVO-TV's "Best New Restaurant"

Chef Fretz: "Best New Chef" 2009,  Angeleno Magazine

Devon Espinosa: "Bartender Of The Year" 2012,


We have known Chef Fretz + cocktail master Devon Espinosa for some time. When the opportunity presented itself to work with the two of them to collaborate on a basket, we jumped at the opportunity. With Chef Fretz’s mouthwatering take on global cuisines and Devon’s masterful libations, we are excited to share the flavors of some of our personal favorites with you at home!  

Every moment at The Church Key is an interactive experience. From their inventive menu with dim-sum style service, to canned and frozen cocktails, flaming desserts and even the server attire, The Church Key strives to constantly push the restaurant envelope. Chic enough for a celebratory evening yet approachable enough to be your neighborhood go-to. Dining at The Church Key is like walking into a meal that has already begun.

About Chef Fretz

Awarded Angeleno Magazine’s Best New Chef of 2009, Chef Steven Fretz leads the culinary vision of The Church Key as Executive Chef and Partner. His previous positions were as Executive Chef at Michael Mina's XIV and Curtis Stone's Stones Food Inc, and now is currently the Executive Chef/Managing Partner of The Church Key. 

About Devon Espinosa

Devon has won numerous awards including LA’s Best Bartender and LA Eater’s “Shaker of the Year”, & createsChurch Key's eye-catching cocktail inventions, including canned cocktails, beverage carts, and boozy freeze-pops made using liquid nitrogen.