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Brooke + Sam Lucy

Brooke + Sam's Bluebird Grain Farms is a true small-batch operation. Nothing is pre-packaged until an order is placed. Working closely with nature, they are hands-on in each step of the process themselves - from growing the grains to shipping them to customers. Situated in Washington's Methow Valley, the farm is irrigated by a natural mountain spring, with an emphasis on soil nutrition without compromise. The result is a revival of ancient wheats that is loaded with flavor and nutrients.

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Halibut Cheek | Farro | Maitake

While visiting Pike Place Market in Seattle and being overwhelmed by the abundance of fresh fish, we happened upon a cut that was new to us - Halibut Cheek. Naturally boneless, they are roughly the size of large scallops, with a meatier texture than the normally flakey halibut filets. The meatier texture of the cheek lends it to be cooked in a variety of ways - we decided to treat it like a steak by pan searing it and finishing off with an herb-butter basting.

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