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Gordy's Pickle Jar | Thai Basil Jalapeños

Gordy's Pickle Jar | Thai Basil Jalapenos | Hand Crafted Ingredients

Thai Basil Jalapeños 

Crafted By: Sarah Gordy + Sheila Fain

Washington, D.C.

Made with only fresh and organic jalapeños in a brine of Thai basil, garlic, vinegar, water, salt, sugar, and peppercorns, these bracing and bright pickles are versatile and fiery. Dice them up and add them to a creme fraiche-based salad dressing, use the brining liquid with pork or fried chicken for a complex marinade, or combine with fresh jalapeños to elevate a traditional bahn-mi into a sandwich you won't soon forget.

Gordy's Pickle Jar

Gordy's handcrafted pickles and preserves are a labor of love. Each thoughtfully designed recipe uses only fresh, local produce and responsibly cultivated spices. The team tends to every small batch, hand-packing them and sending them directly to customers on the ethos that you can taste the difference - and we agree!  Started by two friends with a passion for pickling and a desire to do something collectively they created the brand with a focus on craftsmanship and sustainability. 

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