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Citrus Olive Oil

Temecula Olive Oil | Citrus Olive Oil

Temecula Olive Oil Company

Citrus Olive Oil

Crafted By: Thom + Nancy Curry

If there's one thing to know about Temecula Olive Oil Company, it's this: they believe that the best California olive oil products can only come from the best ingredients. And the most important ingredient of all is passion. With a commitment to using only 100% California olive fruit and never any chemicals or heat treatments, this olive oil is next level good!

Chef Ruiz has selected the Citrus Reserve Late Harvest varietal due to the infusion of Moro blood oranges which gives a floral sweet taste to this olive oil. It's the perfect finishing touch to seafood dishes; fall salads with bitter greens, fruits, and nuts; and even in lieu of traditional olive oil for sweets like cakes or warm chocolate budino.

About Temecula Olive Oil Company

Since the beginning, Temecula Olive Oil Company has been family-owned and operated, committed to using only California olives to make the highest quality olive oil. On the Temecula Olive Oil Company ranch, they are dedicated to practicing sustainable agriculture, growing and harvesting a wide variety of olives, which are hand pressed using traditional methods to produce fresh, full-flavored extra virgin olive oil.