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Mango Sage Honey

Honey Pacifica | Sage Mango Honey

Honey Pacifica

Sage Mango Honey

Crafted By: John, Jean + Nick Poto

Long Beach, CA

Honey Pacifica honey is left unheated, unfiltered, and unprocessed in order to create the rawest honey possible. By leaving this gourmet honey untouched the enzymes and nutrients remain intact, for the benefit of everyone. Raw honey in its completely unheated form is naturally thick and creamy a rich consistency many prefer. 

This variety of honey is imbued with sage and mango. Given it's fruity properties it's a perfect substitution for honey or syrup in sweet dishes.  We're loving it in a lemon honey tart with salted crust; with roasted pineapple with pistachios; or a top waffles with charred oranges.

About Honey Pacifica

Since 1978, Honey Pacifica has worked in the raw honey business providing customers the highest quality raw honey available. In order to preserve the delicate flavors of the raw honey we make each batch by hand. Their bees are driven to various apiaries located throughout sunny Southern California where the bee fly for miles finding the blooms and bringing the nectar back to the hive. Each batch's flavor of honey depends on the nectars blooming at that particular time.

Discover Honey Pacifica Sage Mango Honey In The Box From Chef Patrick Ponsaty