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Saffron Malloreddus

Sfoglini Pasta Shop | Saffron Malloreddus

Saffron Malloreddus

Sfoglini Pasta Shop

Crafted By: Scott Ketchum and Steve Gonzalez

Brooklyn, NY

This decidedly odd name means "fat little calves" in Sardinian but all you need to know is that this is one ridiculously delicious pasta. Traditionally native to that coastal region south of Italy, Sfoglini's Malloreddus pasta is made with a hint of saffron, giving the dough its yellow-orange hue and subtly exotic flavor. 

We love pairing the pasta with the traditional ingredients it is served with in Sardinia: Pecorino, mint, and tomato or fennel and sausage. It's deep flavors equally play well with briny claims, sea urchin and mussels; folded into light cream sauces topped with toasted golden breadcrumbs; or mixed with roasted walnuts and velvety prosciutto.


About Sfoglini Pasta Shop

After working for luminary chef Alberto Vanoli, Gonzalez traveled to Europe to refine his skills, working in prestigious kitchens throughout Spain and Italy. Upon his stateside return, he began fueling his craft with the creation of Sfoglini. The Cuttlefish Spaccatelli, a unique seasonal offering, brings a beautiful slate coloring and pronounced briny flavor that pairs perfectly with seafood.


Sfoglini's Saffron Malloreddus is featured in our October Basket from Chef Annie Pettry