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Oregon Buckwheat Honey

Oregon Buckwheat Honey

Bee Local

Oregon Buckwheat Honey

Crafted By: Damian Magista

Portland, OR

Bee Local's Oregon Buckwheat Honey - sometimes called "American Manuka" because of its richness in vitamins and minerals - is dark, smoky and earthy, with deep molasses overtones. Buckwheat honey has multiple health benefits related to it's dark color including being higher in antioxidants and having antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that can hasten wound healing and even reduce scarring. 

Bee Local's Oregon Buckwheat Honey is a perfect substitute wherever you might already utilize the syrup. At The FareTrade we're loving it in a mustard-laden vinaigrette with winter greens like cress and radicchio; as part of the braising liquid for short ribs with brown ale; or a top buckwheat pancakes with charred oranges.



Find Bee Local's Oregon Buckwheat Honey in The Box from Chef Matthew Accarrino