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The Buzz Blend

Happy Cup Coffee Company

Crafted By: Rachel Bloom

Portland, OR

A sweet coffee with notes of ripe blueberries and rich dark chocolate made from beans sourced in Peru, Brazil, Guatemala and Uganda. Pleasantly complex with a smooth silky body and a clean brisk finish this blend lends itself to savory and sweet preparations in addition to being a great cup of joe. We've found it the ideal coffee for tiramisu, in a rub for braised short ribs or blueberry and sour cream coffee cake.

About Happy Cup Coffee Company

Happy Cup Coffee is a speciality coffee roaster in NE Portland that was create to fulfill three missions: (1) offer employment, a competitive wage and a full life to adults with disabilities in their local community - their People with Potential; (2) help create a better future for the disabled by donating a percentage of their profits to vocational and recreational programming for this community; (3) deliver a responsible, great-tasting cup of coffee. The goal is to pair great coffee with a great cause and with every pound of coffee bought, together we can commit to reversing the inequities those with disabilitites face in the world of employment. Happy Cup Coffee also promote a better future for farmers and for our planet by making every effort to source the best, ethically traded coffee, using some of the best beans grown anywhere on the planet and is batch-roasted 18-pounds at a time ensuring the highest quality flavor and a well-balanced cup. 


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