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Holy Moly Candied Popcorn

Holy Moly Candied Popcorn | Dakota's Pop Parlor

Dakota's Pop Parlor

Crafted By: Chef Dakota Weiss

Los Angeles, CA

Dakota's Pop Parlor started out a hobby fueled by a passion to see what flavors could successfully pair with popcorn. Luckily for us - the answer was many! Even better, popcorn is considered an antioxidant and is low in calories.

This organically grown popcorn is infused with chocolate toffee, toasted sesame seeds, cinnamon and New Mexico red chile resulting in a complex sweet and savory mixture that lends itself well to pie crusts, atop desserts, mixed into a salad, and of course, for snacking

Born and raised in Lancaster, California, Dakota's love for cooking began at an early age and was fueled by her mother - spending her mornings picking organic produce from their family orchard. After pursuing her love for cooking by attending culinary school, she worked her way through kitchens in Atlanta, developing an understanding for homespun classics. Upon returning to Los Angeles she continued to fuel her passions working both in the kitchen and launching Dakota's Pop Parlor - an upscale popcorn company that infuses unique flavors with one of America's favorite snack treats. 

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