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Vulcano Ginger Hot Sauce


Crafted By: Angelo Garro

San Francisco, CA

This spicy sauce is bound to make your mouth water and your taste buds tingle. With a medium piquancy and a bright, zippy flavor, this condiment is a great dipping sauce and everyday accompaniment. Sugar free and with zero calories, this blend is made exclusively with organic CA, produce - it's good AND good for you.

We're loving the exotic, spicy bite with a pork stir-fry or a top fried rice. It's a great complement to seafood where it can be added to brighten a bouillabaisse or paella. And most of all, it's addictive, so don't look to us when you're adding it to everything you make!

The mission of Omnivore is to craft seasoning and condiments that with their incredible versatility will replace the drab choices on the supermarkets' shelves and enable everyone to cook delicious food with ease. They believe that cooking should be rewarding and simple - all of their blends enhance the natural flavors of ingredients and are easy to use across any type of cuisine. Omnivore is not only a food company but a lifestyle. By sharing culinary knowledge the brand wants to inspire people to cook more and create community around the table. 

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