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Brown Lentils

Brown Lentils | Kandarian Organic Farms

Kandarian Organic Farms

Crafted By: Larry Kandarian

Los Osos, CA

Lentils have a soft texture and a mild, earthly flavor. A staple in many South Asian cuisines, black lentils are quick cooking. Like other legumes, Black Lentils are nutritious and high in protein, zinc, fiber and folate, a water soluble B-vitamin. Because they meld well with almost any ingredients, they're an ideal starch for the winter months. 

Our kitchen team is loving applying these grains to different cultures and cuisines. Try them in a curry with hearty winter greens like chard; add them to a shepherd's pie with mushrooms and sweet potatoes; or braise them with tomatoes and spices for a soul-comforting stew.

About Kandarian Organic Farms

Kandarian is connecting people to the land through real food produced on their small, but mighty farm on the Central Coast of California. Modern agricultural practices favoring efficiency and profit have erased much of nature's diversity and nutrition from modern diets, but Kandarian is changing all of that. We select our crops for their benefit to the earth and for their nutritional, cultural and culinary value to humans. We grow plants, herbs and grains to tell rich stories.

Discover Kandarian Organic Farms Brown Lentils In The Box From Chef Patrick Ponsaty