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Willamette Valley Honey

Bee Local Honey | Willamette Valley

Bee Local | Willamette Valley

Portland, OR

Crafted By: Damian Magista

Working exclusively with non-commercial beekeepers that use old-world low-impact methods, Bee Local captures the terroir of micro-local regions for the ultimate bee-to-jar experience. Famed for its sprawling vineyards, berry farms, and fields of hops, the honey found in Oregon's Willamette Valley is marked by its rich flavor notes that include maple, local fruit, and the region's berry crops. Perfect added to salad dressings, or as a complement to briny sheep's and goat's milk cheeses this honey adds a spark of complex sweetness wherever used. We suggest trying it for a glaze with miso cod or asian-inspired chicken, to make the most lip smacking good honey mustard sauce or even simply drizzled on top of crushed ice for a midday sweet.

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About Bee Local

Founded in 2011 after discovering honey from hives in various neighborhoods he placed in his hometown had completely different flavor profiles, Bee Local has since become a national brand, changing the face of honey production and sourcing. Practices such as "honey laundering," predatory purchasing, and harsh conventional/commercial beekeeping are not only contributing to colony collapse disorder, but they are pushing smaller family beekeepers out of business, creating honey monopolies, and resulting in inferior, flavorless, and unhealthy honey on grocery store shelves across America. That's where Bee Local comes in. Their goal is to become the most trusted, transparent and tasty honey company in America - both producing and sourcing only the most sustainable, healthy, and uniquely delicious honeys in the country.

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