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Datil Pepper Table Sauce

San Augustin | Datil Pepper Sauce | Artisanal Product

San Augustin

Datil Pepper Table Sauce

Crafted By: James White, Tim + Catherine Bucolo 

San Augustine, FL

The datil pepper is often considered one of St. Augustine, Florida's best kept secrets. Brought over by Minorcan immigrants, their beloved datil pepper is similar in heat to a habanero pepper but with a sweeter more floral flavor. 

San Augustin Datil Pepper Table Sauce delivers a sweet and fiery flavor with a lingering smokiness. Containing all natural and local ingredients, including dry sherry wine to enhance the sweetness rather than sugar is what makes this sauce transcend over others. Add a dash to your Bloody Mary, whisk into an herbed aioli or cocktail sauce and pair with crab cakes and calamari, or supplement wherever you might use hot sauce and enjoy its depth of flavor and unique taste.


About San Augustin

Using a technique of slow smoking locally grown Datil Peppers over natural mesquite results in a smoky and sweet pepper sauce that is doesn't contain any dry herbs, spices, or artificial flavoring. Gluten, soy, and dairy free, San Augustin Datil Pepper Sauce is not for the faint of heart, however it's empahsis is not on heat but rather the unique flavor of this remarkable pepper which until recently was exclusive to the Southeast region of the United States, brought to the new world in the late 18th century by Minorcan immigrants. Made with only eight all-natural ingredients, this sauce redefines the phrase "less is more" and whether incorporated into a recipe or uses as a fiery accompaniment to traditional condiments is sure to enhance the flavor profile of any meal. 

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