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Guest Editor: Andrew Mariani

Photo by Allan Zepeda Photography
Photo by Allan Zepeda Photography

Photo Credit: Allen Zepeda

Andrew Mariani is co-owner and vintner of Sonoma’s Scribe Winery. Andrew comes from a family of winemakers and after studying in California, he moved to Greece to live and learn on a family vineyard. His experience abroad helped him to learn the tricks of the trade and eventually settle in Sonoma to become a full time winemaker.

Scribe Winery has quite a long history. How do you and your brother, Adam fit in?

What is now the Scribe Farm dates back to 1858 as a vineyard and winery.  Back then it was farmed by the pioneering Dresel brothers who were a big part of the pre-prohibition California wine scene.

When prohibition was enacted in 1919 it was used for more clandestine endeavors, then orchards, then turkey farm, and then after not producing vines or wines way back then, we purchased the property and began its revival.

Adam and I grew up in an agricultural family in the foothills of the great central valley, where our family has been farming nuts and fruit for four generations.

I became interested in winegrowing while working some harvest while going to college on the Central Coast and spending time with family in Croatia and Italy.  We both realized that the grape harvest was a little more fun then the walnut harvest.

Tell us about Forever Wild Farming. Why is it so important to you and the wine-making process?

It is our intention to make distinct wines that are a reflection of our distinct vineyard; Terroir wines.

We think a vineyard can best do its thing when it is a complete and healthy ecosystem, so refrain from using any synthetic pesticides or herbicides in the vineyard and instead try to use the natural wild to keep potential problems at bay. We planted an insectary to attract beneficial insects to combat the bad ones, for example...

What's a go to dinner and wine combination for you?

Be outside, start a fire, put a grill over it, harvest from the garden, go to the market and get some good bread, cheese, some meat or fish, grill it as you go, douse with good olive oil and sea salt, make a big ass salad, open a few bottles, be with friends.  The summer dinner picnic.

The Scribe Winery 'Pick Up Party,' tell us more!

These are exclusive parties for the Scribe Viticultural Society.  It’s an opportunity for members to come up the farm and pick up their quarterly wine allocation, as well as have a little food and wine and hang out with the whole gang.  We always partner with a chef friend so the food is always delicious and we usually keg up a special blend from the winery to drink.  They're super fun, you should join us.

Do you have a favorite local restaurant?

The Fremont Diner is just 2 miles down the road from the farm so that's nice.  Scribe has been kind of dating Bar Tartine in SF for years now, they are doing some really inspiring things there and we collaborate with them often, and I always have to pay my respects to the green mother of them all Chez Panisse.

If you could choose one of April's featured ingredients to cook with, which would you pick?

Rancho Gordo Ayocote Blanco Beans all day!

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