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French Onion Confit

Three Little Figs | French Onion Confit

French Onion Confit

Three Little Figs

Crafted By: Liz Cowan

Portland, OR

Slow cooking is the key to this decadent onion spread. Local sweet and red onions meld with thyme, white wine and brandy lending to the flavor profile of french onion soup. Rich and robust the condiment is perfectly versatile and the ideal addition to a short rib grilled cheese sandwich, used to add depth to stews, and mixed with goat cheese for a stuffed chicken breast beyond your wildest dreams.

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About Three Little Figs

The goal at Three Little Figs is to revive the age old art of preserving by giving their product new and exciting flavor profiles while honoring traditional cooking methods. They are inspired by the connection we have with where our food comes from and believe that amazing food is an affordable luxury. Three Little Figs is dedicated to the creative use of quality ingredients with a focus on flavor and sustainability. Locally sourced and globally inspired each product begins by hand cutting organic produce and patiently cooking each batch in copper pots, yielding no more than 18 jars per kettle, making their preserves artisanal in the truest sense of the word. Cooking with love Three Little Figs sources every ingredient as close to their kitchen as possible allowing fruit to properly ripen and for them to procure the best spices, vinegars, and of course, booze, available.