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Cracked Farro Porridge

Chef Park teaches you step-by-step how to master his Cracked Farro Porridge

Utilizing two of the products from his basket, Chef Heong Soon Park crafts a decadent bowl of cracked farro porridge, topped with seared mitake mushrooms, a poached egg, and Baba's Cooking School Lala Sauce.


For The Farro Porridge

1 Cup, Cracked Bluebird Grain Farms Farro

3 Cups, Water

Sea Salt, To Taste

For The Toppings

1 Cup, Maitake Mushrooms (If Unavailable Substitute With Any Fresh + Seasonal Mushrooms)

2 Cloves Garlic, Thinly Sliced

1/4 Cup, Dry White Wine

2 Tablespoons, Unsalted Butter

4 Organic Eggs, Poached

1 Tablespoon, LALA Black Bean Sauce


1. Heat a medium pot and add the farro, water and pinch of salt. Cook until farro it is creamy, about 30 minutes

2. While cooking the farro, heat a skillet on medium heat, add butter and mushrooms, cooking until crispy, about 6-7 minutes

3. Add the garlic to the skillet and cook for 15 seconds or until aromatic. Add white wine and simmer until the mushrooms have absorbed the wine


1. Place farro porridge in desired bowl. Top with mushroom mixture, poached egg, and LALA Black Bean Sauce.

2. Garnish with fresh herbs such as mint or cilantro and scallions

Happy Eating!