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Tomato Achaar

Brooklyn Delhi

Tomato Achaar

Crafted By: Chitra Agrawal + Ben Garthus

Brooklyn, NY

This tomato achaar, a 2016 Good Food Awards winner, is a relish made with locally-grown tomatoes, tamarind, a blend of Indian spices, red chili powder, unrefined cane sugar and sesame oil. It has a spicy, sour, savory and sweet kick - the best of all worlds!

While traditionally eaten with rice or curry, we love incorporating this condiment with unconventional pairings. Try whisking into aioli and adding to a BLT in lieu of tomatoes; bring the heat to a vibrant beef stew; or do brunch right by adding a spoonful to your Bloody Mary.

About Brooklyn Delhi

Producing small-batch achaar, also known as Indian Pickles - a relish made from vegetables and fruits with chilies, spices and oil - this is India's equivalent to Sriracha, harissa, or kimchi. Made in Crown Heights, Brooklyn Delhi is led by a food-loving couple - she a cookbook author and he a sculptor and designer - who together have created a delightful and flavorful product, packaged in a modern and approachable brand.

Discover Brooklyn Delhi's Tomato Achaar In The Box from Chef Leah Cohen