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Pacific Beach Signature Peanut Butter

Pacific Beach Peanut Butter

Pacific Beach Peanut Butter

Signature Peanut Butter

Crafted By: Matt Mulvihill

La Mesa, CA

Dedicated to crafting only the best tasting organic peanut butter and made exclusively with the sweet and small Valencia peanut, this jar goes beyond childhood greatness. Each batch is roasted, micro-crafted and packed by hand. Full of protein and minerals, Pacific Beach Peanut Butter has fewer calories than most other peanut and almond butters and is gluten free.

We love adding a dollop of this peanut butter to stir-fry or curry; used in BBQ sweet potato tacos; or as part of a dressing for a crunchy slaw with kale and Brussels sprouts. For sweets, it's the quintessential addition to cheesecake, fluffernutters or pots de creme!

About PB Peanut Butter

Made with only the best tasting ingredients, Pacific Beach Peanut Butter creates organic peanut butters and flavored peanut butter spreads in the yummiest flavors. The entire product line is gluten-free. Full of protein and minerals with fewer calories than most other peanut and almond butters. Not smooth, not crunchy - the brand coined the term "smunchy" - you actually taste the fine-textured particles of real peanuts. 

Discover PB Peanut Butter in The Box from Chef Patrick Ponsaty