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Mama O's Kimchi Paste

Mama O's Kimchi Paste

Mama O's

Premium Kimchi Paste

Crafted By: Kheedim Oh

Brooklyn, NY

Always wanted to make kimchi at home but don't have the time to hit the books? Looking for a spicy seasoning to make anything taste great? This kimchi paste from Mama O's has got you covered! This is the ideal condiment for food lovers and novice cooks alike.

With an ideal balance of spicy, savory and salty notes, this paste is the ideal addition to marinades for pork and poultry; added to scrambled eggs or soups; and of course for creating your own kimchi at home. Our tip? Ferment daikon or pumpkin instead of traditional cabbage!

Learn About Mama O's

Founded in 2008 as a way to quench an appetite for his mother's kimchi, and most importantly, to share his family's delicious and healthy recipes with others, since launching Mama O's Kimchi the company has become a staple of chefs pantries across the country. The brand mission is to show the world what kimchi should and could taste like - something they are accomplishing with three distinct varieties including options for vegan diets or those enjoy the spicy side of life. 

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