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Heirloom Kokuho Rose Rice

Koda Farms Kokuho Rose Rice

Koda Farms

Heirloom Kokuho Rice

Crafted By: Ross + Robin Koda

South Dos Palos, CA

Unlike modern varieties, Kokuho Rose is a true heirloom, possessing hallmarks that stand in stark contrast to those considered desirable in industrial scale farming. In essence, Koda Farms' Kokuho Rose Rice is slow to mature, low in yield and tall in stature - characteristics adding significant effort to its three year production cycle. 

Touted by gourmets as the perfect steamed table rice, its tender and gently sticky texture makes it similarly outstanding for sushi. Versatile and appropriate with other traditional medium grain preparations which depend on a similar starch profile dishes such as Italian risotto and Spanish paella are perfect opportunities to showcase the grain.


A Tradition In Purity and Quality

With roots stemming back as far as 1882, the Koda family has had established ties with milling and brokering rice for generations. Owning the land where Koda Farms has been located since the late 1920's allowed the family to help pioneer rice growing techniques such as sowing seed with airplanes and by the early 1940's Koda Farms had integrated farming operations including modern rice drying and milling which allowed for complete quality control from seed to store shelf. Despite setbacks and difficulties, today Koda Farms is a thriving operation owned and operated by third generation farmers and millers looking forwrd to the farm's approaching centennial. 

Find Koda Farms Heirloom Kokuho Rose Rice In The Box from Chef Matthew Accarrino