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Taste of California

Gustus Vitae

Taste of California

Venice, CA

Curators: Frankie + Vanessa

A delightful composition of savory, zesty, and sweet notes, Taste of California is a rich, flavorful blend of the natural bounty of the region. Dried strawberries lend beautiful color and a lingering sweetness, cilantro, thyme, and tarragon add depth and warm, the natural zest of lemon peel bring a refreshing sharpness, and a light sprinkle of Pacific sea salt binds all the flavors together.

Apply the Taste of California to fish, chicken, vegetables, and pork dishes prior to cooking, or sprinkle on to fresh salads for vibrant color and complexity of flavor. Taste of California works beautifully as a marinade or sauce too: mix in a generous helping of the blend into a cup of yogurt or coconut cream and savor the rich flavors of the Golden State.

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