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Pickled Carrots, Ginger + Spice

Pickled Carrots | Ginger & Spice

Pernicious Pickling

Pernicious Pickling loves melding flavors and creating unlikely combinations of ingredients that perk up tastebuds. Their "Ginger & Spice" pickled carrots accomplish just that, with the inherent sweetness of the carrot complemented by chiles and sweet tang of ginger.

The pickles are perfectly paired with cured meats and cheeses or a top a southern-style bánh mì with pulled pork, but we also love them roasted and served with a traditional beef stew, to accompany seared scallops, or blended and strained into a pickled-sweet vinaigrette that complements both roasted chicken and a fall salad of bitter greens with almonds.

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