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Peter Diamandis Fireside Chat

Dessert Table

Last Thursday we got together with the bold entrepreneur Peter Diamandis (X-Prize, Singularity University) and the team at Building Bloc at Real Office Centers in Santa Monica, CA for a Fireside Chat, discussing the future of artificial intelligence in human society. Heady stuff. 

To provide a little reprieve, The FareTrade brought in some of our favorite Los Angeles sweets makers to craft a mouthwatering dessert bar. Featuring an assortment of small-batch toffee from McFaddy Candy Co. (our favorite is the Matcha Green Tea), caramels from Le Bon Garcon, Cookie Good's infamous array of cookie flavors (did somebody say S'more cookies!!) and ice cream from Sweet Rose Creamery, we kept the sugar rush at an all-time high! Underwood Wine and Sweet Greens also showed up to the party for some savory refreshments. 

Check out a few photos from the event below: