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Whole Grain Mustard

Whole Grain Mustard


SoNo Trading Co.

Crafted By: Zach Negin & James Magnatta

Started in 2009 and inspired by the mustard-covered hills of their hometown, SoNo Trading Company produces full-bodied flavored variations of the condiment perfect alone or in a variety of dishes.

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Produced with Stone Brewing Company’s Smoked Porter, the Whole Grain Mustard is briny and piquant elevating everything from pork loin to salmon. Add to marinades, dressings, and aioli for a boost of umami and texture.

About SoNo Trading Co.

Voted Best Mustard in the Universe by the Interstellar Council on Condiments (seriously) - SoNo Trading Company Founders, James and Zach began making mustard after Zach hit his head on a rock while the two were on a less-than-ideal hiking adventure in the mustard covered hills of their hometown. Using only the finest ingrdients, James and Zach have mastered the art of mustard-making -- creating their own line and partnering with like-minded neighboring companies including Stone Brewing Company.

Dedicated to utilizing pure mustard seeds without additives of any kind and driven to minimize waste, SoNo Trading Company complements the ideals of The FareTrade model completely. Their approach in re-envisioning a classic condiment approachable to all and booming with umami-laden flavor are two of the reasons we're delighted to have SoNo Trading Company as part of The Craveable Life