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Grapefruit Shrub

Grapefruit Shrub


Liber & Co.

Crafted By: Chris Harrison, Adam Higginbotham, and Robert Higginbotham

Austin, TX

Being Texas boys, the artisans being Liber & Co. grew up eating Rio Star grapefruits. Brilliantly red and sweet, the varietal is unique to South Texas and the ideal product to toast their home state. Crafted with a combination of grapefruits, coconut vinegar, cane sugar and allspice, the shrub is tart and tangy, with bright and zesty notes enhancing the flavor of cocktails and savory preparations.

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While created with cocktails in mind and perfect in a Paloma or with Mezcal and Tequila this ingredient also can be integrated into heartier and sweet options such as Ice Cream, Tarts, Salad Dressings, or with raw seafood dishes like Sea Trout Crudo.

About Liber & Co.

Launched in late 2011 on the belief that small artisans need only offer a handful of outstanding products to become established, Liber & Co. is a passion project shared between three friends who independently founded and own their small Texas-based company. Driven by the process of innovation, the company is dedicated to producing cocktail and culinary ingredients that are made from scratch and utilize raw ingredients like ripe citrus, fresh-cut botanicals, and hand-cracked spices.

Named after the god Liber, which in Roman mythology means “the free one”, Liber & Co. represents viticulture and freedom, ideologies that embody part of the creative spirit of the company. The goal is to spread a passion for the finer things in in life, with the robust and full-bodied products the company produces as beacons for the manifestation. With fathers who were craftsmen in their own right, Chris, Adam, and Robert understand the importance of quality, the viability of spiritedness, and above all working together to craft authentic products they enjoy.