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Yellow Corn Grits

Yellow Corn Grits



Crafted By: Mac + Philip Weisenberger

Midway, KY

Weisenberger mills locally grown GMO-free yellow corn. These grits are prized by chefs throughout the South due to their texture, nutrients and hearty flavor - byproducts of the sustainable practices Weisenberger has stood by since it began operating in the 1860's. 

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Ideally suited for Southern staples such as shrimp + grits with tasso or warmed and served with a seasonal compote we equally love using this variety throughout the day in innovative dishes. Start out fresh with bacon-infused grits served with braised greens and poached eggs; in a souffle with aged Gouda and scallions for lunch or dinner; and end the day with a sweet treat like buttered grits cookies or maple grits pudding.

About Weisenberger

Six generations of Weisenbergers have operated the mill at the present location, utilizing the creek water to power the mill's twin turbines since the 1860's. The history dates back to 1862 when August Weisenberger emigrated from Baden, Germany to start milling and operating production. In the early years, Weisenberger focused primarily on soft wheat flour and white cornmeal, but as supply grew so did demand - the mill now offers over seventy items including flour for any baking purpose, breading blends and more.