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Oregon Buckwheat Honey

Oregon Buckwheat Honey


Bee Local

Crafted By: Damian Magista

High Desert, OR

Bee Local's Oregon Buckwheat Honey - sometimes called "American Manuka" because of its richness in vitamins and minerals - is dark, smoky and earthy, with deep molasses overtones. Buckwheat honey has multiple health benefits related to it's dark color including being higher in antioxidants and having antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that can hasten wound healing and even reduce scarring. 

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Bee Local's Oregon Buckwheat Honey is a perfect substitute wherever you might already utilize the syrup. At The FareTrade we're loving it in a mustard-laden vinaigrette with winter greens like cress and radicchio; as part of the braising liquid for short ribs with brown ale; or a top buckwheat pancakes with charred oranges.

About Bee Local

Founded in 2011 after discovering honey from hives in various neighborhoods he placed in his hometown had completely different flavor profiles, Bee Local has since become a national brand, changing the face of honey production and sourcing. Practices such as "honey laundering," predatory purchasing, and harsh conventional/commercial beekeeping are not only contributing to colony collapse disorder, but they are pushing smaller family beekeepers out of business, creating honey monopolies, and resulting in inferior, flavorless, and unhealthy honey on grocery store shelves across America. That's where Bee Local comes in. Their goal is to become the most trusted, transparent and tasty honey company in America - both producing and sourcing only the most sustainable, healthy, and uniquely delicious honeys in the country.