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Wild Mayhaw Jelly

Wild Mayhaw Jelly


Striplings General Store

Crafted By: The Hardin-Stripling Family

Bogart, GA

Wild Mayhaws grow in the swamps of South Georgia and are gathered in boats with nets and scoops. The season is only three weeks long, so the harvesting is tough and furious. The Wild Mayhaw berries resemble a pink cranberry and make the best jelly in the world. 

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The delicate flavor is fruity like apple but with a ‘zing’ left on the tip of your tongue. The flavor works in almost every meal; for breakfast on toast, or hot buttered biscuits, on a turkey sandwich at lunch, and paired with wild game in a gastrique for dinner.

About Striplings General Store

Operating for over 50 years, Striplings General Store began it's roots as a butcher shop selling sausage and fresh cuts of pork, but as demand grew, so did the family business. In 1991, the company expanded to include a full line of artisanally crated products including jams, jellies, salad dressings, sauces, and more, while continuing to keep sausage making the backbone of operations. 

Today, the Stripling family tradition continues to grow with two additional locations, and moving into the third generation of family-helmed staff, with youngest daughter Lindsay joining the reigns and reinforcing the family business for generations to come. What continues to separate Striplings General Store is their dedication to quality and service, crafting products that are seasonal, nutritional, and above all, delicious.