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Salmon Tartare | Seafarer Spiced Potato Chips

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Utilizing Savour this Kitchen's Seafarer Spice Blend, Chef Michael Rotondo shows you how to prepare a fresh Salmon Tartare with Homemade Potato Chips.  Check out the recipe below. Then, join to The FareTrade to cook alongside Chef Rotondo from the comfort of your own home as he takes you step-by-step through how to impress your friends with this delicious dish.


Salmon Tartar



1 Cup, Sashimi Grade, Salmon, Diced

1 Teaspoon, Chives, Chopped

1 Teaspoon, Tarragon, Chopped

1 Lemon, Zested + Juiced

1 Teaspoon, Capers, Chopped

2 Tablespoons, Creme Fraiche

1/4 Cup, Summer Beans, Blanched + Cut On The Bias

1/4 Cup, Frisee (Exclusively Light Yellow Leaves)

1 Yukon Gold Potato, Thinly Sliced

1 Tablespoon, Seafarer Spice Blend from Savour This Kitchen

1 Teaspoon, Salt

1 Teapoon, Extra Virgin Olive Oil



For The Tartare:

Mix Salmon with Herbs, Capers, Creme Fraiche, Lemon Zest, and 1/2 of the Lemon Juice. Season with Salt to taste. Reserve mixture until ready to plate.

For The Potato Chips:

Slice Potato very thinly using a mandolin and fry at 350 Degrees Farenheit until golden, about 2 minutes. Season with Savour This Kitchen Seafarer Spice Blend. 

For The Salad:

Toss Summer Beans with Frisee with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, remaining Lemon Juice, and salt.


Place a quarter of the Salmon Tartare in the center of the plate. Put the fried Potato Chips on the side so you can use as a utensil. Garnish the dish with the Frisee + Summer Bean Salad.