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Ingredient Highlight | Maple Bourbon Pickles


Maple Bourbon Pickles

Brooklyn Brine Co.

Brookyln, NY

Creator: Shamus Jones

The only thing better than a great pickle, is a great pickle made with bourbon whiskey and genuine maple syrup! Brooklyn Brine's Maple Bourbon Pickles are truly the cream of the crop. Sweet and tart, they're crafted with fresh organic cucumbers harvested in small seasonal batches, caramelized onions, organic NY State Grade B maple syrup, and Finger Lakes Distilling Bourbon Whiskey resulting in a crunchy, crispy treat ideal for backyard snacks and grown-up dishes.

Add them to a burger or pulled pork sandwich, fold them into an aioli perfect for a shrimp boil, use the brining liquid in ceviches or escabeche, or just pour up a classic pickle back whiskey shot - you can't go wrong!

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