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Hot n' Spicy Ginger Beer Concentrate

Hot 'n' Spicy Ginger Beer Concentrate

Pickett's American Craft

Hot n' Spicy Ginger Beer

Crafted By: Matt, Jim + Bob Pickett

Denver, CO

With a bottle of Pickett's #3 Ginger Beer concentrated syrup on your home bar, things just got turned up a notch.  Not only can you serve your cocktail guests their favorite Ginger Beer cocktail, you can heat it up with this Hot n' Spicy syrup that's summer inclined.  

Our test kitchen squad has had a nice buzz going ever since discovering this unique flavor booster - using it to make Margaritas pop and Moscow Mules sing. An all-natural concentrate, don't be afraid to use it in your savory preparations as well. It makes you rethink what Cuban-Tinged Mojo Shrimp should taste like or what glazed carrots can be!


About Pickett's American Craft

Born in Cleveland, Ohio - The Pickett Brothers were raised in an era where the cocktail party was something you had not only at family gatherings and holidays, but also poolside in the summer with neighbors and friends well into the night by the fire pit. The adults would make their specialties like the Highball, the Moscow Mule, or a Boilermaker.  The kids on the other hand were treated to vibrantly flavored cane sugar sodas and unique ginger ales.  Many times mixing the flavors of the different sodas to make their own special cocktail. So it's no wonder that the three brothers show a love of good drink and culinary adventure, spending a combined 50+ years in the food and beverage industry, traveling the world, and seeking out the best in food and drink.

Discover Pickett's Hot n' Spicy Ginger Beer Concentrate in The Box from Chef Jennifer Jasinski