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Chef Heong Soon Park

Chef Heong Soon Park

Executive Chef | Tray Kitchen, Bacco + Chan, Seattle, WA

Sourcing produce directly from his own 1/2 acre farm outside of Seattle, Chef Park's Tray Kitchen offers Pacific Northwest Cuisine with a touch of Korean influence. 

Featuring both a seasonal, a la "tray", menu and special dim-sum offerings, Chef Park presents "of-the-moment" dishes, delivering carts of small, seasonal plates in place of dumplings and egg tarts. Tray Kitchen offers no menu but rather presents the food straight from the kitchen via their signature red tray and cart. And while there is a printed menu, Park prefers the dining experience to be "a series of little surprises".

Chef Park highlights some of his signature dishes in his collaboration with The FareTrade, such as Farro laced with meaty Maitake mushrooms with a poached egg and Lala Sauce + Korean Steak Tartare with sesame and Ballard Bee Honey Co.'s Wildflower Honey.

A unique concept, Tray Kitchen feels familiar with it's "farmhouse" like demeanor of natural wood, white tile and filament bulbs - with the kitchen front and center in the middle of the restaurant. We are excited to feature Chef Park as our August, 2015 chef and look forward to sharing his basket with you!